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Texas A&M Iron Spikes was founded in 2000 by a group of young men who were looking to support the A&M Baseball Team and to give back to the community. They emphasized building fraternal bonds between members through tailgates, social events, and intramural sports. Since then, Iron Spikes has grown to become one of the premier men's organizations at Texas A&M.

In keeping with the ideals of our founders, Iron Spikes nurtures and develops the leaders of tomorrow. Our members are expected to live by the values expressed in our vision and creed and are encouraged to be the catalyst for change in their community.

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"I am a man of my word, who will never sacrifice my integrity for personal gain. I will be a better person today than I was yesterday, and through this, I will inspire others to strive for excellence. I am a leader who initiates changes to improve my university, community, and organization. The reputation of my organization will not be tarnished by my actions. My reverence for the history, vision, and values of my organization secure my commitment to these virtues, for I am an Iron Spike."

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