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Since our inception, Iron Spikes has been dedicated to supporting the Texas A&M Baseball team and our athletics program. 

In the past, we had the honor of dragging the infield at Olsen Field after the 3rd and 6th inning of home baseball games. We now support the baseball team by tailgating and being the life of the student section.

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In keeping true to our heritage as a baseball-oriented organization, we have a close partnership with the Aggie Club Baseball Team.

We actually have a few of our members on the team, as they are impactful players that propel the club team to astounding wins.

Spirit: About Us


Iron Spikes has had the same tailgate spot for the past 10 years. We organize tailgates for every home football game during the Fall and for some of the baseball games in the Spring. Our tailgates are the perfect spot for our members to kick back and enjoy some good food and company after a long week of school.

Supporting the Fightin' Texas Aggies with Iron Spikes is truly an experience like no other!

Spirit: About Us
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