A Rookie is defined by Iron Spikes as, "Any first semester member of Iron Spikes." We decided against calling our new members pledges, fish, etc. for we as an organization consider each new member in our organization to be a new member of our team.


This is illustrated by our rookie activities that are designed to build friendships between the rookies as a class. These activities also show our rookies the traditions and some of the history of our organization.


To learn more about what is expected of a rookie please review the


Come to these events and meet the members of Iron Spikes. All of these events are optional to attend.  However these events are the best way to get to know each of us and allow you to decide if you truly like our organization.


The dates and times for each of these events will be emailed out to people who have signed up for our email list, and also on the upcoming events tab of this website.


If you wish to be added to the email list, please contact one of the rookie coordinators with your name and email address. Their information can be found on the leadership page.

Potential Members


Join us at the beginning of each semester, where we explain what Iron Spikes is as an organization. What our goals are and how we go about accomplishing them. We also Introduce the Officers and have them answer any questions those in attendance may have. It is the first step in getting to know who we are as a group.

Social Events


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